About us

Having started in 1999, the school has been exemplary on the academic front throughout the years. By God’s grace, we have been and remain to be one of the best private schools in Kirinyaga County.

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Our main business is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

Mrs. Sarah Mureithi

Founder and Managing Director, Kirinyaga Township Academy

Meet our Selfless Management Team

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Mrs. Rachel Njoroge

Deputy Head Teacher

Science, Swahili and CRE

Mr. Kenfrey Nyaga

Kiswahili and Mathematics

Our team of dedicated & qualified teachers

Ms Rhodah Ngina

Social Studies, CRE, Kiwahili

Madam Catherine

Middle School (Grade 1)

Give your child a strong foundation

Our curriculum gives a focus on final outcome and not the journey. This enables students to control their pacing because they are not confined by a set learning process. As soon as a student feels they can prove mastery, they can take an assessment, receive credit and start on the nprocess.