Epithet of Learning-Kirinyaga Township Academy

By Murambakania Wanyonyi @murambakania

Photo courtesy of Kirinyaga Township Academy

Sandwiched between Mt Kenya Boys’ Senior School and Facing Mt Kenya High School along the Kutus Kerugoya Highway in Kirinyaga County, Kirinyaga Township Academy is a force to reckon when viewed from an academic angle. This institution has the propensity for success ingrained in its ‘DNA.’

The moment you step into the vicinity of the school, you are greeted by the serene and learning friendly atmosphere. From the physical location and environment to the adequate and relevant learning resources, everything you interact with and perceive seems to agree to the fact that this academy is actually a citadel of knowledge.

Having such school in your locale or simply within your reach must be considered a great privilege. It ought to give you easy time to choose a school for your child. Below are five reasons why you should let your child join this institution of learning:

  1. Learner-centered approach.

 It is all about the learners. Everything revolves around them.  We lay a solid foundation for every child to materialize his or her goals and ambitions in life. Every action and program in the school is geared towards transforming learners into all round citizens who are capable of positively impacting the lives of people at the local, national and international stage. The academic, moral, social, physical (health and fitness) and spiritual needs of all learners are adequately taken care of. This is done in consideration of the pupils’ unique talents.


  1. Conducive environment and strategic location.


Accessing the school is as easy as ABCD, thanks to its adjacency to the main road. To the learners’ advantage, it is situated away from the hustle and bustle of Kerugoya town. There are enough facilities for learning and playing. This, too, take into consideration the diversity of our pupils in terms of age, gender and abilities. We have a special playground and facilities for pupils in the Pre Primary Section.


  1. Learning resources.

The adequacy and relevance of our learning resources is unparalleled. Our library is equipped with a wide range of KICD approved books and learning aids. Our natural environment is also full of teaching aids which teachers improvise and use during lessons.


  1. Dedicated team of teaching and non teaching staff.

The role played by this team can never be overestimated. There’s a seamless coordination of activities in the school that is attributed to a well organized leadership structure. This is put in place for the grand reason of enhancing the general welfare of pupils and achievement of all set goals and objectives.



The school is both a day and boarding school. This grants parents and guardians the opportunity to choose an option that is convenient for them and for their children.  For the safety of day schooling pupils, the school has availed a bus for their transport at a cost.